Klimaat en emotie, Climate Psychology Alliance en Rembrandt Zegers


A ‘Climate Psychology conversation’ with Paul Hoggett, founder of the Climate Psychology Alliance in the UK.

Paul Hoggett is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and emeritus professor of Social Policy at the University of the West of England,
Bristol. The other speaker is Rembrandt Zegers, member of the Climate Psychology Alliance, doing research in the area of human’s relation to nature, associated to the University of the West of England. Several years ago the Climate Psychology Alliance was created to deepen ourunderstanding of the psychological and cultural factors inhibiting effectiveresponses to the worsening crises of climate change and ecological destruction.

Drawing on insights from therapists from a variety of modalities the CPA explores the powerful feelings such as guilt, despair and catastrophic anxiety provoked by these crises. It also examines our defences against these feelings and the way these undermine or support our capacity to respond effectively. From its origins in the south west of England the CPA now has members throughout England and Wales and formal groups in North America and Scotland. It runs workshops on climate communication, provides support to activists and scientists and engages in research and publication. The CPA’s first book Climate Psychology: On Indifference to Disaster is about to be published by Palgrave Macmillan.

The experiences in the Netherlands and the therapeutic landscape and way therapy is organised and accessible in the Netherlands is very different compared to the UK. School children have also organised climate marches in the Netherlands and even talked to the Dutch prime minister. There are many NGO’s working in the Netherlands that raise awareness. One of them Urgenda has made it to the global press by making successful court cases against the state for not protecting its citizens. This model is now applied by many others around the globe. Dutch event organizers have also put the topic on the agenda recently on several occasions. In Dutch politics climate is now a permanent point on the agenda, creating controversy around the bill on adequate measures. Forum voor Democratie, the winner of the latest regional elections has voiced the wish of a large part of the Dutch population. One could read this outcome as a large group of Dutch voters stating: please do not 2 involve us in climate change. This meeting is open to therapists and professionals working on the issue of climate change and climate communication with individual clients or larger groups of the public, working in the Netherlands.

The language for the meeting will be English.


Room open
Start of the meeting, Welcome
Introduction by the speakers
Invitation to think about the topic in smaller groups
Conversation in plenary
Informal follow up for those interested
Room closes


During the meeting references to books and material will be available. If you consider joining, could you please confirm before 20th May, via rembrandtzegers5@gmail.com so we know how to set up the room and also send you directions if you need them. Thanks in advance. For questions you can contact Rembrandt directly, 06-52332075.

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